If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, an Align session is perfect for moving you forward with inner knowing.

Align sessions combine a beautiful blend of coaching and intuitive work focused on helping you get clear on what you’d love to create in your life, and bringing you into greater alignment with what you’re desiring.

In this 90-minute session, we’ll focus on what you’d most like to resolve in this moment.

A single align session will help you do the following

    • Gain clarity around a particular situation
    • Get to the heart of an underlying concern
    • Explore new possibilities and opportunities
    • Establish aligned action steps to move you forward

Your session may include

    • Uncovering any beliefs, patterns and emotions that may be holding you back
    • Replacing old beliefs with upgraded and more empowering beliefs
    • Journaling prompts for further discovery and healing
    • Recommendations for practices and rituals

I’ll also follow up with you via email a week after our session to provide additional support and assess how you’ve been progressing after our call.


Pre-session questionnaire
55 min alignment session
Session notes and recommendations


$97 USD per session


The thing that stuck out to me immediately about Lauryn was the way she listened and deeply heard me. She always seemed able to tune into the energy and emotions behind my words, understanding me beyond what I said on the surface. Her demeanor is calming and thoughtful, and she has an uncanny way of asking the perfect questions to help sort my thoughts out. She is the kind of coach everyone looks for and hopes to find.

– Jessica D.

Is an Align session or coaching program for me?

Align sessions are perfect for working through one particular concern that you’d like support with, whereas my coaching program offers ongoing support for 2-3 areas of life.  Programs are designed to help you take steps to move you forward over a longer period of time to create lasting change.  If you’re not sure which option will be best for you, please reach out to me on my contact page and we can chat about it together!

Do I have to be based in the United States?

I can work with you anywhere!  As long as you have a good quality internet connection it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. You can select a time in my online scheduler that works best for your timezone.

Will the session be recorded?

Sessions are not recorded. I always recommend my clients keep a notepad and pen nearby during sessions for taking notes.

What are your qualifications?

I’m a Certified Life Coach with additional certifications in spiritual coaching, wellness and nutrition, energy healing, therapeutic art, mindset, mindfulness, meditation and cognitive behavior.

How often should I have an align session?

I’ve found that some clients may only need a couple of sessions, and others may find they need several.  It’s important to remember that whatever challenge you are experiencing did not happen overnight, and that healing is a journey that also takes time.

Where will our session be held?

Sessions are held via an online call and are audio only (so it’s perfectly ok for you to be in your pj’s during our session!)

How do distance sessions work?

All living things are made up of energy, and we are all inter-connected.  Energy is not limited by time or space and it knows no boundaries and because of this, energy work can be done via a distance session.

What should I expect after a session?

You may be processing lots of information, feelings, and realizations after an alignment session, so it’s perfectly normal if you feel tired, sleepy, or have an energy release and cry. You may also not feel anything at all, which is also perfectly normal and doesn’t mean the session isn’t working.  Allow yourself to feel, release and process anything that comes up for you.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please allow a 24 hour notice to change or cancel your appointment.