Through 1:1 mentoring, resources and blog posts, i help soulful women to break free from limitation, come alive in their truth and live from a place of worthiness by sharing practical, spiritual and emotional tools for living life heart-first.

You’re here because you’re ready to follow the whisper of your heart telling you there’s a more simple and gentle way.

I believe that it’s our birthright to live a joy-soaked life. What’s more is that I truly believe we have everything inside of us (right here in this moment) to make it happen.  But…as we journey through life, we take on fears and limiting beliefs that tell us that we aren’t worthy of creating and living the life we most desire.  If you’re feeling like you lack the self-confidence that’s needed to live a life on your own terms –  know that you’re not alone.  I felt this way for many years too.



My personal growth journey began seven years ago. Back then you would have met a woman controlled by fear and negative thinking.

I’d spent a good chunk of my early adult life feeling like life was just a series of events that were happening to me, and something I had no power over. I felt incredibly insecure, and changed myself in order to fit in, going through all the motions, and doing all the right things – because underneath it all – I was absolutely terrified that I wasn’t good enough.

Somehow despite these insecurities, I still managed to find love, marry my soulmate and create a successful business, but it wasn’t too long before I began struggling with poor health, low self esteem and anxiety. I’d begun having frequent panic attacks, and it was at about this time that I realized that my life was seriously out of balance.

One night, after feeling an overwhelming sense of emptiness, I hit rock bottom.  In a prayerful plea, I begged the Universe for help.

Over the following weeks and months, my answers came. I was lead to learning about holistic wellness, spirituality and mindfulness practices, and I began reading every self-help book and article I could get my hands on. I devoted every day to practicing what I was learning, and I put faith in the Universe to guide me towards healing and freedom.

My healing journey began when I came to the realization of one important truth.  I learned that the life I was experiencing was a result of the patterns, blocks and beliefs I was holding subconsciously in my mind, and that these blocks and beliefs were creating the filter around how I was experiencing my life and the world around me.

I recognized for the first time in my life, that I had a choice in how my life was unfolding. We all do. And that if I wanted the rich and full life I was craving – I had the power to claim it for myself.


One of my biggest breakthroughs came from allowing myself to ask “what do I need?”
    • I began treating myself with kindness and compassion, and gave myself freedom from having to have it all together.
    • I started consciously creating my day with systems and activities that supported how I most wanted to feel.
    • I learned practices of meditation and journaling and began tuning into my inner guidance and allowing it to guide my life.
    • I began to care for myself with movement and nourishment that work best for my body.
    • I began to respect my needs by recognizing and expressing boundaries in love and saying no without feeling the need to justify it.
    • I stopped living my life for everyone else and started saying yes to the desires of my heart.

I allowed myself space to completely unravel, slowly peeling back the layers of emotion, so I could heal the parts of myself that I’d been avoiding.  The more I honored my needs and trusted in myself and my guidance, the less my decisions were driven by a need for external permission or validation.

Little by little, my thoughts and my habits began to change, and it wasn’t too long before I had found exactly what I had been looking for. Me.  And not just the me that I had been told I should be, or thought I should be…but the me that’s stronger than any limitation, fear or story combined.  The me that is my innermost truth.

Me in all of my radiance.

Feeling an undeniable pull to share what I had been learning – in 2014
I studied and became a certified coach and mentor.


Today, I honor my own needs so I can love fully.  I truly believe that when we start feeling good on the inside, life begins to flourish on the outside too.

Through years working with my own coaches and mentors, I’ve found that lasting change happens with support from someone who has already done and is doing the work themselves.

I feel so honored to work with women just like you, helping them to explore their souls and rediscover their worth by sharing the self-love, healing and intuitive living practices that i’ve found so transformational for me.

There is something so special about being seen and heard non-judgmentally.  It’s my honor to connect with these lovely women, to hear their stories, and to guide them in self love and transformational discovery.

I’m just like you. Beautifully imperfect, and perfectly human.
A student of the Universe, still walking this journey of self-love each day as it continues to unfold.

I don’t have all the answers, but it’s my purpose to serve as a guide, helping women live heart-first by connecting them to the wisdom and goodness they already contain within.

If you’re feeling the pull to reclaim your light, you’re in the right place, love.

To your freedom + joy,


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I’m an advocate for soul-connection, self-care and gentle living. I’m an Aussie gal at heart, and spent my childhood years growing up in Australia before moving to the United States in my late teens.  I was lucky enough to begin sharing my life with a man who keeps me laughing, and almost seventeen years later, we’re sharing this beautifully wild journey of life raising our family of two highly sensitive children in the valley of the sun.

I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) an Enneagram type 4 (the individualist), an INFJ personality type (the advocate), and a Gemini Sun – Sagittarius Ascendant.  Words are my love language – I love reading them, writing them, and speaking them.

    • Certified Life Coach
    • Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
    • Certified Spiritual Coach
    • Certified Reiki Practitioner
    • Certified REBT Mindset Coach
    • Certified Cognitive Behavior Life Coach
    • Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach
    • Informal training and studies in Somatics and Epigenetics.